Join us tonight, 6-9 pm, for a very special tasting of organic French cider and wine! Our friend Rachel from Langdon Shiverick will be here for her first Dandy tasting and she’s pulling out all the stops, pouring three terrific picks that really exemplify the idea of terroir. We’ll have cheese from Eastern District and bread from She Wolf Bakery!

Heritage 1900 Cuvee Tradition Cidre

We love cider and we love Champagne even more. In Aube, South of Champagne and North of Burgundy, lies the mystical Othe forest, where Frederic Goussin’s domaine is making organic cider from the fruit of 100+ year old apple trees. This small, one-of-a-kind orchard that Goussin inherited from his grandfather boasts 13 heritage varietals (Cat Nose & Gosling’s Ass apples are just a few) grown totally organically. You can taste immediately how special the cider made from these apples is- pure, dry, fresh, golden, crisp, delicate, and elegant. Totally transportive, unique, and joyful, just as one would hope for a festive libation from our favorite apellation! Fall in a bottle. $16

Chateau Richard Bergerac Sec 2010

We talked about this wine for weeks before we finally got it on the shelf, and almost immediately it gathered a close following. Richard Doughty was a deep sea diver until a serious injury forced him to pursue another career path. Enter: Winemaking. Doughty grows mostly Bordeaux varietals organically in Southwest France, and lives by the philosophy that good wine comes from a vineyard with respect to nature and terroir. He farms and harvests using only manpower, and the wine definitely shows this intense level of attention it is given every step of the way. His Bergerac Blanc Sec is a blend of Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc, and Muscadelle. It’s incredibly bright and earthy, with notes of dried citrus and chamomile. $14

Le Roc La Folle Noire d’Ambat 2011

This funky all-natural wine made from nearly extinct Southwestern French varietal Negrette was our pick for BBQ all summer. And now that we’ve hit cooler days and nights, we love it even more! This nutty wine has character in spades. Campfire smoke, game-y meatiness, deep, dark forest fruit… drink this guy with animal products, or good imitations of them! $20